The logic underlying paid/free coffee and lock-policy

I often find myself smiling a bit when contemplating the logic behind the decisions regarding our new university building. There are a number of different areas, some of which are public. Hence, it is important to separate between which resources are available in public or locked/private spaces. One such resource is coffee, there are coffee machines spread out throughout the building. All of the machines placed outside of “locked” areas, where students and the general public have access, are paid machines. Hence, you cannot get yourself a cup of free coffee without paying for it, which in the surface is not completely illogical.

Now to the point, in an effort to make the facilities more “open” and increase staff comfort levels since staff likely have to lock and unlock the door to the staff room a couple of times per day (I assume), the decision was made to leave the doors to the staff room and kitchen open. What this means is that if you take a little walk arond the building and look at the different floor maps spread throughout the building you can pretty quickly locate the staff room and kitchen which is well equipped with three or four coffee machines, mugs, spoons, plates, forks, knives, fridges with milk, butter and the staff members lunch boxes and reasonably well stocked supply of bisquits, hard bread and tea. The only thing stopping anyone from visiting this room, supplying yourself with whatever you find or doing whatever you want to peoples food is a sense of it “being wrong”. Nowhere are there any signs or other information available that in any way states or demands that you have to be an employee to make use of the facilities or the consumables stored there and since all the doors are unlocked I see no reason not to do so either.

The the becomes, what is the logic in having a several coffee machines and other vending machines where you can buy coffee and hard bread while at the same time making the decision not to lock the room(s) containing the machines where anyone has access to an unlimited amount of coffee and assorted snacks for free? Making it even more comical is the fact that several staff members have their offices in the same space as the staff room, behind these unlocked doors. This means that these individuals now must lock and unlock their offices every time they need to visit the restroom or have a cup of coffee since anyone now can walk in and supply themselves with whatever they desire from any unlocked office, one of the reasons we now have numerous locked doors spread out throughout our new university building.

I have no answers and I fail to see the logic behind this decision compared to the motivation of installing an infinite number of doors and locks.

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