Firefox Send

I was under the impression that this was something that most people would have found out about by know since it is free, secure and so incredibly useful. Despite this it seems that very few people have found out about this service that I have now been using for over a year.

Sometimes you need to send files, big files which you do not want to upload to some sort of cloud storage, create a shared link and then send this link to someone else to later remember to delete this file again. There is a better way, go to, upload your file by drag-n-drop or choosing your file and upload. Choose of you want to password protect the file, how many downloads are allowed and/or how many days this file should be available on the server before it is removed, regardless of downloads.

Yes, there is no guarantee that these files are actually removed after having been download or when the deadline is passed though generally I have relatively high confidence in Firefox as a company and I do trust this service, otherwise I would not recommend it.

Go check it out!

Självklart är det ingen som kan säga att dessa filer faktiskt tas bort efter att de har laddats ned eller när den deadline man satt passerats men generellt sett har jag relativt högt förtroende för Firefox och litar även på denna service.

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