It’s finally time! Today, the 17th of August 2018 is finally the premiere for Disenchantment on Netflix, the latest creation from Matt Groening. For someone who has grown up with and has probably watched every episode of The Simpsons (Wiki) and whom with even more anticipation and joy got to enjoy the fantastic series Futurama (Wiki), for which the old VHS recorder was obsessively  programmed and every episode recorded, this is a great day and anticipations are sky high. If this is a good or bad thing, well that all depends on the quality of the series of course. One thing that is however very clear, this series will likely receive both harsh criticism and high praise across the internet from likeminded fans of the same age and demographic as me.

Me? Well, I’ll save the premiere for tonight and enjoy the first episode  “A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walked Into a Bar” when I can give it my full and relaxed attention. I don’t know if there is only one episode available or if all of them are available at once since Netflix seems to have a bit of a problem delivering this content in Sweden on the day of the premiere (see Figure 1), if however if there are more episodes available, well I’ll probably just keep watching until I fall asleep.

Figure 1. Error message from Netflix when trying to access the series page on mobile in Sweden, “Could not connect to Netflix, try again”.

If you, like me, is a fan and has both time and energy to watch the episode and want to share your opinions, please do. It is always fun to partake in other peoples opinions.

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