GIFs which aren’t “gifing” under WordPress

Apparently, when you upload a GIF to the editor in WordPress it gets resized and this breaks the animation. So, whit the image uploaded in the editor, highlight the image and in the right hand menu select “full size” (or something similar) and then the animation will work, at list in the browser.


So today I stumbled upon a keyboard shortcut when writing in Microsoft Word for Mac. By pressing “opt+cmd+c” you can cycle between capitalizing a word, using all upper-case letters or all lower-case letters.

I have no idea if or when this can be useful though I’ll post it here so that I can find it at a later point in time.

Hidden files in Finder, macOS

Anyone who has used OS X/macOS has probably at some point noticed that there are a number of special, hidden files in different folders. These folders names usually starts with a dot, “.” which hides these files from the user in finder or when you are running the “ls” command in the terminal application. Using the terminal, this is easily solved by using “ls -a” to show all files, even hidden ones.

This week I learned that there is a keyboard shortcut to switch between different behavior in finder, showing all files (including hidden files) or just showing “normal” files. The keyboard shortcut is “shift + ⌘ + .”, buttons that needs to be pressed at the same time.

Give it a try!

Firefox DNS over HTTPS

This is an old draft that has been lying around for a while so it is rather out of date. However, you are now able to perform your DNS requests over HTTPS, encrypted and not the default unencrypted.

In the address bar, enter about:preferences and use the search function to find “DNS”. You should only get one result called “Network settings”. To the right you’ll find a “button” with “Settings”. Click that button and you should see something similar to the figure below (Figur 1).

Figur 1 Network settings in Firefox

Almost at the bottom you should find “Enable DNS over HTTPS”, check the box to the left of this alternative and if you don’t have any service in particular you trust you can use the default option (Cloudflare). Otherwise you can use another service of your liking, as long as they provide DNS over HTTPS. You input this option using an IP address for the provider in a field that becomes available when choosing “other”.

You can find more information on this looking at the Firefox website (

Longpress on macOS

By pure coincidence I manage to find a to me previously unknown function in macOS 10.14. For some characters you can actually “longpress” (holding down the key on your keyboard a little while longer than usual) and just like on your cellphone get a little popup bubble with special characters and other related special symbols and whatnot related to the key you are pressing.

The effect of some “longpresses”

This is system wide and a really smooth way of inserting special characters which are not on your keyboard. I am a bit surprised that this has not been marketed better since today is the first time I’ve ever seen this feature or even heard about it.

Graphical editing

To continue along the lines of images and media, i often need to work with images, photographs and graphics for teaching or publication purposes. For work I do have the option of getting access to Photoshop which has been the standard and go-to for editing and dealing with graphical material and Adobe has also developed their product line to contain software optimized for a number of other tasks than just photo editing throughout the years. However, this might not be a given alternative for the average home user and enthusiasm since it does costs a bit. The monetary factor did send me out on a chase for better and cheaper alternatives a few years ago.

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CCSearch search engine

Once again, a service I found a long while ago and have been using regularly since. Perfect for finding images to websites or publications when you just know that someone else must have produced something so much better then anything you can accomplish in the allocated time frame.

What is it, CCSerach is a search engine which allows you to search for free material in the public domain that falls under the Creative Commons licenses.

Most of the material you find is acceptable to use as is though you should of course attribute and credit the creator of the material if you use it and find it useful (goes without saying, right). It is a perfect service when you need some graphic material fast, for a presentation, publication, post or anything else without having to worry about stepping on toes or getting into a legal mess due to copyright issues.

Thanos – The Infinity Gauntlet

So apparently, the Marvel-fever is here again. I am of course thinking about the new Avengers movie, Endgame. So catching on to this trend and doing something goofy, Google decided to make a publicity stunt. Go to the Google page and search for “Thanos“. In the field containing the summary on the right hand side, there is a little animated image of “The Infinity Gauntlet“. If you clock in this, what you would expect is exactly what happens, half of everything disappear. Below there is a little movie showing this, of the feature wold happen to be removed in the future though a spoiler warning is appropriate here.

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Firefox Send

I was under the impression that this was something that most people would have found out about by know since it is free, secure and so incredibly useful. Despite this it seems that very few people have found out about this service that I have now been using for over a year.

Sometimes you need to send files, big files which you do not want to upload to some sort of cloud storage, create a shared link and then send this link to someone else to later remember to delete this file again. There is a better way, go to, upload your file by drag-n-drop or choosing your file and upload. Choose of you want to password protect the file, how many downloads are allowed and/or how many days this file should be available on the server before it is removed, regardless of downloads.

Yes, there is no guarantee that these files are actually removed after having been download or when the deadline is passed though generally I have relatively high confidence in Firefox as a company and I do trust this service, otherwise I would not recommend it.

Go check it out!

Självklart är det ingen som kan säga att dessa filer faktiskt tas bort efter att de har laddats ned eller när den deadline man satt passerats men generellt sett har jag relativt högt förtroende för Firefox och litar även på denna service.